The Entrepreneur Board Game


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We import these games from the USA. They are a great addition for families who already love the Cashflow games and want to continue learning about building businesses. From ages 12+. 2 to 6 players.

The World’s Only STEM-Accredited Entrepreneur Board Game

  • STEM Accredited- Newsweek Magazine’s BEST IN STEM- VA Dept. of Education’s CTE Award winner- History Channel’s Toys That Built America Inclusion
  • SPARKS Creativity
  • HONES Life Skills and Financial Literacy Skills Through play
  • PREPARES Children and Adults for Entrepreneurial Success
  • TRANSFORMS Homes and Classrooms into Special Places of Learning
  • PROMOTES Critical Thinking Decision Making Project Management Investing Communication and Negotiating Skills
  • The Entrepreneur Game is a STEM Accredited educational game, serving as a gateway for children and adults to learn about money, innovation, and entrepreneurship, using 21st century skills to gainfully maneuver on the road to success and financial freedom.

How we came up with the idea for this game.

In 2017 after becoming a Finalist in Toastmaster International’s World Championship of Public Speaking, I decided to begin teaching free entrepreneurship classes to youth in economically depressed communities. This particular summer, I had a group of 22 young people between the ages 8 and 19 years old sign up for the classes, and their parent signed up to come with them, so I committed to teaching a Free 5-week workshop during the summer, at the Richmond Public Library.

One day during class, I began asking several children what type of business they would open if they could open one right now. One young man, 14 years old, said, “I can’t start a business, I’m not special. You have to be special to start a business”. My heart immediately began hurting for this young man; the crazy thing is, he knew how to fix bikes. He had the makings of a low-to-no overhead business he was already doing for himself and his friends, but didn’t know what he had.

At that moment I looked around the room at all those children, and their parents, sitting there, not knowing that that they had the ability to be entrepreneurs too! Imagine going to the corner store and not ever once thinking, “I could do this”. Imagine all of the people that this child had come in contact with; parents, extended family, teachers, preachers, friends, etc…and not one of them every encouraging this young man to imagine the possibility. Then I say a class full of young men and women who had no idea that they could bring value to our world in ways we can’t imaging, if the skills were unlocked, the mind was engaged, and the mere opportunity was presented. Then I thought of all the millions of children around the world who were just like this young man; had no idea that it was possible for them to be a producer, a problem-solver, a value provider, instead of just a consumer.

And that is when it hit me. I loved Monopoly when I was younger. It didn’t teach me how to buy and sell Real Estate, but it got me interested as a child, and I have accomplished that as an adult. I thought, “what if there was a game that showed people exactly how to start a business, how to make decisions for that business to grow it, and how to expand a business through real entrepreneur situations. I looked online for a game like that, and there were none on the market. I found finance games to help you learn what to do with money, but nothing that shows you how to take an idea and build something that will take care of so many other than ourselves.

I saw a problem, and The Entrepreneur Game is the solution to that problem. Get the game and allow your children to learn to do the same!

STEM Learning that is Fun and Educational!

While there are several schools now beginning to include STEM based learning into their curriculums, most of the thousands of schools have no programs to teach entrepreneurial and life skills like *Budgeting *Marketing *Decision Making * Critical Thinking * Investing * Negotiating * Branding* and a host of other 21st Century skills that will help them navigate this new technological world we live in.

I loved games when I was a youth; what better way to teach the ins and outs of entrepreneurship than through a game? Learning through play! We have won various awards from Newsweek Magazine, VA Department of Education, and The History Channel. You cannot go wrong with this game; it is designed to grow with you, as your skill, creativity, and business-building vision grows.

Finally, a family-friendly, fun game that truly simulates the entrepreneurial process!

board game

Real Life scenarios make all the difference!

The Entrepreneur Game lays the groundwork for a new generation of diverse entrepreneurs, empowering them to see the world as opportunity rich, and to craft the lives that they dream to live!

Experience being an entrepreneur in the game with real-life entrepreneurial situations. Our educational board games have a lot of twists and turns about setting up and running a business.

Develop the following skills as you build your empire:

  • Budgeting
  • Marketing
  • Decision-Making
  • Investing
  • Negotiating
  • Branding
  • Communicating

Easy to Play, and the rules grow as your skills and vision grow!

board game

How to Play

The game starts with 2 to 6 players. Each player is given a sum of start-yo capital and makes 3 decisions;

1. What type of business would you like to open?

2. What is the name of your business?

3. Is it a brick & mortar, or home-based business?

Then you roll the dice on your turn and whatever color space you land on, you pick a card from that deck, and incorporate whatever it says into your game. The card decks are where the entrepreneurial learning happens!

The game ends when everyone reaches the finish line. The one with the most cash and non-cash assets wins the game. And if you become a millionaire the rest of the players must; say your name, say “you are an incredible entrepreneur, please teach me your wisdom”.

That is the simple version. There is more to the rules and game, but at its core, it is just this simple, but the rewards are phenomenal.